iPad Equipment

    iPad Equipment

    1. X Lock Pivot Stand

      X Lock Pivot Stand


      Product Name: X Lock Pivot Stand

      Product Code: XL-PS-V2

      Product Description:

      The Pivot's swivel means you can achieve the perfect viewing angle every time, and a simple twist is all that's needed to swap between portrait and landscape orientations effortlessly. The ideal compliment to any desktop environment. Handsome in the office, utterly chic at home, the Pivot is the ultimate iPad stand.
      Formed from precision cut aircraft grade Aluminum, it matches your iPad pound for pound in looks and functionality

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    2. Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

      Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

      Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter Learn More
    3. P/O/S Pivot Stand

      P/O/S Pivot Stand


      Product Name: P/O/S Pivot Stand

      Product Code: POS-PS-V1

      Product Description:

      • The ultimate POS stand for iPad and iPad Mini, built with feedback from existing retail and hospitality customers.
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    4. POS Lock Cable

      POS Lock Cable


      Product Name: POS Lock Cable

      Product Code: POS-LC-V1

      Product Description:

      • Proper. Secured. Key lock convenience in a braided steel cable that is virtually indestructible. Locks to the entire P/O/S Lock Belt range and integrates neatly into all P/O/S mounts and stands via integrated cable management features.
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    5. X Lock Vesa Adaptor (VB)

      X Lock Vesa Adaptor (VB)


      Product Name: X Lock Vesa Adaptor (VB)

      Product Code: XL-VSA-V2

      Product Description:

      • The iPad vesa adapter turns your X Lock iPad case into a solution that's instantly fully compatible with the thousands of commercial monitor arms and mounts that adhere to the VESA industry standard. With the VESA adapter, there's simply nothing X Lock can't do. 
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    6. P/O/S Lock Belt Pro

      P/O/S Lock Belt Pro


      Product Name: P/O/S Lock Belt Pro

      Product Code: POS-LB-PRV1

      Product Description:

      • The Proper POS Lock Belt brings the convenience of X Lock mounting, but with all Aluminum construction and quick release keyed security. Get up and running in minutes with a sleek, minimal solution that keeps the focus on the iPad and stays conveniently out of the way.
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    7. P/O/S Swivel Stand

      P/O/S Swivel Stand


      Product Name: P/O/S Swivel Stand

      Product Code: POS-SS-V2

      Product Description:

      • The ultimate POS stand for Any Tablet, built with feedback from existing retail and hospitality customers. The Swivel POS Stand lifts and angles your Tablet at the ideal height and pitch, and rotates smoothly 180 degrees for screen sharing with customers.
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    8. P/O/S Lock Mount Disk

      P/O/S Lock Mount Disk


      Product Name: P/O/S Lock Mount Disk

      Product Code: POS-LMD-V2

      Product Description:

      • The Lock Mount Disk is a commercial grade wall mount that looks beautiful and will last a lifetime, it includes our patented locking 'X' allowing for quick and easy mount/dismount of Proper POS Lock Belt for iPad and iPad Mini. Machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade Aluminum that is bead blasted and anodized.
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    9. X Lock Hand Strap

      X Lock Hand Strap


      Product Name: X Lock Hand Strap

      Product Code: XL-HS-V1

      Product Description:

      The iPad was made to be used on the go, but let’s be honest, holding it on the edge just doesn’t cut it. Side grabbing leads to hand fatigue and that’s not going to get the job done. The X Lock hand strap lets you hold your iPad or iPad Mini comfortably, all day, and allows for simple movement between landscape and portrait while in use.

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    10. Universal X-Lock Mounting Plate

      Universal X-Lock Mounting Plate


      With this stick on plate, you can make any tablet compatible with any Studio Proper X-Lock Mounting Solution!

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